Retropaints is moving from selling vintage outboard paints, due to health and logistical concerns....HOWEVER....we just purchased the remaining paint inventory of the late Barry Ferrari, who owned both Reprotint and Effena, the same man that developed all of these specific paint formulas. Some 300+ aerosol cans. ALL paints are selling at only $10/can, and we will be including an extra spray nozzle with each can! These exact same paints would generally sell for $20-$26 each. ONCE THEY ARE GONE, THEY ARE GONE!

All of these cans have been looked over by an aerosol paint expert to assure that they are in working order, as a few of the cans were filled prior to 2020. They have been stored in a temperature controlled environment and stored vertically. The overwhelming majority were filled in 2020. Unused aerosols, if stored properly can last over 10 years. I was skeptical before, but after assurances from paint Gods...I am confident with the product.

Another bonus is each can has the NASON paint formula on them specific to that color. Any paint supplier that uses Nason paints can duplicate these for you with the formulas on the cans.

We have switched gears and are now creating various clocks, mailboxes and other unique items from vintage outboard motor components. Also continuing to offer our cosmetic refinishing services for vintage outboard motors.

Our shipping is set up for United States only, however you are free to contact us for International orders at: . (Unfortunately, we cannot ship aerosols internationally)

Many of our items are also available on ebay, where the sales are set up for international shipping.