Retropaints offers all of the same vintage outboard motor paints with the exact formulas that were developed and sold by Barry, who was a respected pillar in the vintage outboard refinishing community. All paints are carefully mixed and blended to match the original paints on our classic outboards, by the same hands that supplied his paints.

Our mission statement is:

To provide high quality vintage outboard paints at affordable prices to fellow enthusiasts.




PRIMER: We simply suggest you use RUSTOLEUM SELF ETCHING PRIMER, available for only a few dollars a can at any big box store. One can should primer most outboards. No need at all to use expensive primers.

CLEAR COAT: We suggest you try Krylon Gloss Clear coat. It is very inexpensive and leaves a beautiful, deep shine. If you are concerned about hardness and fuel resistance, use our 2 part urethane aerosol clear. It is a bit more costly, but is extremely durable and fuel resistant. It will most likely require you to wet sand the orange peel it leaves during application. I have had excellent luck with the inexpensive Krylon clear coat, and quickly wipe away any contaminents when they do spill on the finish.

For excellent decals, we suggest contacting Dixie at: