2K Two-Part Urethane Aerosol Gloss Clear

2K Two-Part Urethane Aerosol Gloss Clear

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SprayMax 2K Clear Glamour aerosol paint. 11.8 ounce can. Please read all directions on can prior to use. Requires a respirator and goggles during application, for your safety. 

2K clear coat with very high chemical, gasoline, and weather resistance for high-quality and long-term sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs.

Video: https://youtu.be/J-_XzrVdcrs

  • Maximum resistance to abrasions and scratching
  • Very smooth flow
  • Lasting high gloss
  • Very good polishing ability
  • No color deviation
  • Outstanding painting surface
  • Suitable even at higher ambient temperatures